Local Tourist Spots   
  The Dooty Theater 
  Kraplach's Deli
  Sweet Preparations on H St.

  Big Billy Bowels Bowlarama

  Bun's Barbeque
  Nick's Rusty Stool
 GelHorn's - The Food Market




Life is simple in Uranus   -   Paul Vilagitated

welcome to Uranus

~~Discover Uranus~~Discover Uranus            
~~Discover Uranus
  Discover Uranus

Texas, that is. Soon you'll be able to understand what everyone is saying - "That all your  dreams really can be discovered in Uranus".

We suggest watching Discover Uranus. It's a 3 minute animated film narrated by Little Jewford. He takes you on a tour of Uranus and introduces you to some of the most wonderful townspeople you'll ever want to meet.

Discover Uranus on Youtube - click here

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